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I am Jessie. Welcome to my website. Being an artist was something I could not avoid, even if I had wanted to. The creative gene runs deep in my family and has for many generations. 

However, my truly earnest artistic learning began at Northern State University in Aberdeen, South Dakota in 2007. NSU was my happy home as I completed my degree in Fine Arts in 2009. From there, I moved back to my home state of Colorado where I have lived on and off (some very "off" times when I lived in Antarctica) ever since. 

During my time at NSU, I worked with countless mediums but my passion was for painting and still is today. As you look through my site, you will see I paint mainly in acrylics but do occasionally enjoy watercolors and oils. I am also very fond of photography and attempt to dabble in that practice as much as I can. 

Some of my work is on permanent display on the NSU campus and also on McMurdo Base, Antarctica, where I worked for three seasons. 

I like to paint my memories, life experiences, and the places I love the most in this world. For this reason, I think you will find that most of my landscapes have a glorified feel to them. This is because I feel that the camera is best for capturing a scene exactly as you see it, but painting is for capturing life as you feel it and experience it.

Thank you for visiting and please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions. 

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