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Let's Begin

Welcome Friends,

If you are anything like me, you find the simple and pure things in life to be just as thrilling as anything else. You find comfort in the smell of rising bread. You get absurdly excited to see the first flowers of the season push through the ground in early spring. Creating something beautiful with your hands fills you with more achievement than spending all day at your desk. Sound familiar? If yes, you are definitely in the right place. If no, let's go on a journey together - a journey of taking time out to simplify our complicated lives with the most fundamental of human endeavors... creating. That's what you will be witness to (and I hope also be party to). Creators doing what we do best, creating.

Blogger, artist, painter, art, baking, gardening

Who am I:

I am Jessie Alice Smith and this is my blog. I am a painter by trade and an artist by inescapable nature. The creative gene runs deep throughout my family. We are a people of painters, singers, photographers, quilters, actors, musicians, and crocheters, to name just a few...

What I hope to accomplish with this blog:

It's simple, I want to share - share my passion for art, share my love of gardening, share my enthusiasm for baking, and much more.

Ready, set, make! Until next time...


All photography by Jessie Alice Smith

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